For 25 years Help Us Help has been providing humanitarian aid to orphanages across Ukraine as well as working tirelessly with governmental bodies and NGOs to affect change in the country’s policies on social orphans and anti-trafficking laws. In the years since the Revolution if Dignity they have also organized psychological rehabilitation for soldiers and their families, setting the benchmark for PTSD treatment in post-war Ukraine.

Every year, HUH organized a summer camp for orphaned children in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains of Vorokhta. This year, Balaklava Blues will travel to the camp with 30 samba drums and teach several workshops to empower the kids to tell their stories through rhythm and song. It’ll all culminate in a landmark performance at Arena Lviv, where some campers will have the opportunity to perform with Balaklava Blues infringe of 20,000 people as part of the nationally televised Ukrainian Song Project.

For more information on how to support HUH and their work in Ukraine, visit: HELPUSHELP.CHARITY